Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Traveling to Brazil

Hi ya'll,

Kalee flew into Atlanta just great!  She was seated by a Brazilian woman who lives in Utah but flies to Brazil every month to visit her family.  She works for the airlines.

She has a brother who works at the Sao Paulo Temple, a relative who plays for the Brazil soccer team, and was so wonderful to Kalee.  She said she hasn't been active in the LDS church but believes.  She said it is difficult to not follow a family generation of Catholics.  She told Kalee, the flight by her was just what she needed.  Kalee felt the same about her.

So, Kalee was on a real happy note and feeling great.

She boarded the plane for Sao Paulo and then sat on that plane totally full, no air conditioning, and hardly anyone speaking English for a few hours.  When she was de-boarded to wait for a new plane (the current plane's door wasn't working), she called us and then there were tears.  I think tears of nerves and exhaustion.  A stake President from Logan, flying through, saw the problem and stayed with missionaries telling them he would not leave them until he knew they were on flights. 

They then waited and were promised a new flight by midnight, didn't happen,

They were given food vouchers but all places closed in airport.  They were given $125 in Delta flights and offered a hotel.  BUT this was now 2 am and the next flight was promised for 6 am so they didn't take advantage of that.

She called again early this morning and sounded much better.  The missionaries had grouped together and were chatting and problem solving.  

Good news is that they are now in route to Sao Paulo.  YAY!

Silver Lining:  The missionaries are hopeful that when the get to the MTC it will be late enough now that they can just shower and sleep and start the day tomorrow.  

All is well......


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