Sunday, April 9, 2017

Mission Week 18: April 3, 2017

I was a little sad that I wouldnt be at home for conference with all of you because of the yummy food and all the family traditions, but conference was still such an amazing experience here- the talks were just what I needed going into this new transfer and sending my best friend-- Sister Penni- off to her new area.
This week was another crazy week-- Penni and I worked a normal day in Cambé on Wednesday and it was awesome to be back out in the streets together- trying to build a teaching group for me and my new companion. We taught some awesome lessons and found a good group of people that I will start teaching with my new companion this week.
On Wednesday night- Presidente called and told us that Penni would be transferred the next day to Cascavel-- an area 7 hours away from Londrina to finish her mission! We were both devastated to not have the last full week of the transfer together and to not be able to watch conference together in our zone..... we both cried and started packing her bags. Penni was hoping to stay close to Londrina to finish her mission because she loves Londrina and the people here- she has only served in 4 zones in the mission and they are the 4 closest zones to the main city of Londrina- she was feeling discouraged already about separating with me... but she has so much faith and knows that Heavenly Father has people prepared for her in Cascavel--- it is crazy to think that she only has 5 weeks left in the mission!! Taking her to the terminal the next day was sooooo painful- I felt like i was almost leaving all of you guys again.... we had a good last day together as companions though--- we went with the office elders to get Açaí- which is a fruit here in Brazil that they make into sorbet at frozen yogurt places (Penni's favorite)- and had lots of good laughs together! I WILL MISS HER MORE THAN I CAN SAY-- BUT SHE HAS HELPED ME LEARN SO MUCH AND I KNOW THAT I CAN DO THIS (or at least I hope I can hahaha)
I will stay in Cambé with a sister named Sister Ferreira- she has almost 8 months on the mission and I haven't met her yet-- she will be arriving today and then her and I will head for Cambé. She is Brazilian and I am excited to meet her and learn from her.

I LOVED THE CONFERENCE TALKS-- ESPECIALLY THE ONE BY PRESIDENT UCHTDORF ABOUT FEAR-- AND COURAGE- I loved that he said that fear can motivate us to do the right thing but that there is a better way--- on the mission, it is easy to be obedient only because you know your comp will tell the pres or others if you are not- or it is easy to be fearful that if you are unkind to your companion that you will lose blessing and have a bad reputation in the mission--- there are lots of missionaries who are obedient out of fear of disappointing others or are afraid of how they will be perceived---- I will admit that sometimes i do worry about how I am perceived by others in the mission and that sometimes motivates me to try to be my best self, which is a good thing- but I am realizing more and more that it is important to remember that there is a BETTER WAY. It is BETTER to be motivated by the Love of Christ- we are obedient not only because we are afraid of consequences, but because WE LOVE GOD more than the things of the world- more than ourselves, more than our own desires- and WE TRUST that HE WILL MAKE EVERYTHING RIGHT BECAUSE OF OUR OBEDIENCE AND DEMONSTRATION OF LOVE FOR HIM.
BEING A MISSIONARY IS THE HARDEST THING---BUT I COULD NOT BE MORE GRATEFUL FOR ALL OF THE HARD DAYS! My mission has already been absolutely not what I expected- I know that Heavenly Father knows of my potential to be more than i am now- I feel like He is humbling me so much- it is hard to be knocked down and feel every insecurity that I never knew I had, but I AM LEARNING SOOOO MUCH ABOUT HIS PLAN, HIS LOVE, AND ABOUT MYSELF! IF I MAY...hehe... I AM BLOOMING! lol

Mission Week 17: March 27, 2017


SORRY I AM GETTING ONLINE LATER-- WE HAD P-DAY WITH OUR ZONE TODAY-- WE PLAYED VOLLEYBALL AND LOTS OF GAMES-- IT WAS PRETTY FUN! You know me... i usually just like to sit and watch everyone play and just sit and talk with people-- but this time I really got into the volleyball game and was actually not to bad.. hehe it was way fun!

 So---- the real transfers are next week but because Presidente wanted us to leave our area and move Elders into it, we moved to my new area which will be CAMBÉ! I AM SO EXCITED TO BE STAYING CLOSE IN LONDRINA AND IN THE SAME ZONE!! PENNI will stay with me for this last week and we will watch conference and everything together but then she will be transferred and train a new Sister Training Leader--- I am sad that she and I will be separated but I am sooooo excited to already be getting settled in my new area!

We went to the new house and it was absolutely filthy so Penni, I and our Zone Leaders have been cleaning it out this week to get it ready for my new companion and I--- it looks sooo much better now! 

The ward in Cambé is amazing!! everyone is super nice and its one of the strongest wards in londrina!!! the last 6 baptisms that have happened in that ward have come completely from ward references! I am sooo excited! Penni is bummed to be leaving me especially in such a gorgeous area with amazing members, but she needs to train. Presidente said that this ward is going to be perfect for me and my new companion! He is so good to me! 

Leonor was a super poor neighborhood and Cambé is exactly opposite... its crazy that I am already seeing so many differences in all 3 of my areas! CHANGES ARE HARD- BUT I AM EXCITED!

This week Penni and I will hopefully work more normally and not have as many special assignments in the office-- we are excited! we are enjoying every minute together until the transfer!

Mission Week 16: March 20, 2017


I am extremely happy to know that Allie girl is staying busy but that she has so many fun and exciting things going on! I wish I could be there to help drive her around, stay up late thinking about ideas for her election and interview, and just being there to cheer her on! She is seriously amazing and I love that she has always been someone who takes so much on and still maintains her friendly, funny, happy self! I admire her so much and just know that she is doing amazing things!

So glad you all have been spending time together and dancing in the house to all my favorites! Sister Penni and I always joke that when she gets to Utah this fall to go to BYU, that she is already going to be hanging out with you guys before I even get home! You guys would seriously love PENNI! She is LITERALLY MY BEST FRIEND-- BESIDES mom, dad, Zach, Kade, and ALLIE! HAHAHA I'm sure she would love an email from you guys if you get a chance--- she has literally changed the course of my mission and I am sooo grateful for her!

C. WAS SO EXCITED TO TELL ME ABOUT HOW SHE SENT PICTURES TO YOU---- did you guys use google translate??? hahaha I love them soooo much! We havent been able to visit them for awhile because we havent been in our own area very much, but yesterday their little son saw me at church and would not let go of my leg the whole day! he calls me "familia" and is pretty attached! Sooooo cute!


We did divisions in Arapongas from Monday to Wednesday--- it was awesome! We divided with two sets of sisters and did some training with them--- Penni trained and I went with the other companions and just tried to boost their spirits! hahaha needless to say.. I had some good talks with them and had them laughing all day---- hahahahaha I might not be as funny as I think I am, but they sure boosted my confidence! LOL! 

We taught one of her investigators the plan of salvation- His name was J. and he has been through many tragedies lately- he lost his father 4 months ago and has had problems with his own health and his wife's as well- and so he has been really curious about the plan that God has for us. When we first arrived at his house- he brought chairs out to the front yard for us and welcomed us to share the message with him. Sister G and I had not discussed before hand who would teach which part of the lesson but we both knew that we would teach the plan of salvation to him. I could tell in his eyes that he was in a lot of pain emotionally---even though I didn't know this man- and I wasn't even in my own area- I automatically felt so much love for him and pain for the pain that he was obviously experiencing. In that moment, I prayed in my heart to know what Heavenly Father would have me say to comfort this man. My answer came as soon as we started the lesson-- I said- J., Eu não conheco de voce ainda- mas Eu ja sei que Deus ama voce e sua familia e que Ele tem un plano para voce. Ele sabe o que voce esta sentido agora e Ele não vai deixar voce solzinho. (I don't know you yet, but I know that God loves you and your family and that he has a plan for you. He knows what you are feeling right now and He will not leave you alone.) 

I know that those words only came from our Heavenly Father- the words were simple, but I could feel the spirit so strong. I don't know if we helped J. this week- but I know Heavenly Father helped me! He is constantly teaching me to rely on him and not my own abilities-- I know that if I try to rely on just myself, I will get nowhere- but with Heavenly Father I can go ANYWHERE!!!

I know that Heavenly Father protects his missionaries and loves us soooo much! I know that where much is given, much is required-- and I feel so blessed in my life and blessed with the opportunity to share what I know to be true!