Friday, January 5, 2018

Mission Week 57: January 3, 2018

January 3, 2018




I just wanted to take the minute, I have to explain the transfer- yes I was transferred without notice in the middle of the transfer- Sister Sadleir from California was a Sister Training Leader as well in Sao Paulo and went home a few days after Christmas-- finished her mission- and President called and transferred me to be with Sister Sadleir's companion (another sister training leader) to work in Sao Paulo. I was soooo sad to leave Sister Anjos and to leave everyone that I love in that area and recent converts were all crying and the members as well... my heart hurts still... I don't know why I am back in Sao Paulo exactly but I am trusting that the Lord has a reason.  He has never given me a reason to doubt and so I am just trusting and moving forward. 

I am serving in a branch (for the first time)- my area is called Planalto and it is in Presidente Prudente, Sao Paulo--- my companion is Sister Débora Pinheiro from Fortaleza- she has 1 transfer more than me--- we are living in 4 sisters-- Sister Marshall who was also trained by Sister Penni- from Michigan-- sooo great--- and her companion is Sister Ferreira, my old companion! I don't know much about the area or branch yet but next week, I will write more details...

We are in divisions today and I am happy to be helping the President and the Sisters! It's cool to enter other areas and receive revelation that can help these Sisters! I love it!


Tell everyone that I love them! Love these fotos!!!! Congrats on putting on a wonderful wedding!!! 

-Sister Tyson
Brazil Londrina Mission Christmas 2017 Can you spot Sister Tyson? :)

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Mission Week 55: December 18, 2017

December 18, 2017



Unfortunately, our baptism for G. fell through this week. I was so sad because G. really wants to be baptized like Jesus was--- we aren't going to give up... its sooo hard when family members negatively influence others from doing what is right- I AM SO ANNOYED WITH SATAN AGAIN THIS WEEK-- READY TO PUNCH HIM IN THE seriously he needs to get away....I'm sure hes annoyed with me too...GOOD THING- he knows that even though I am far from perfect, I love to tick him off- so I'm am working even harder, inviting more people, and following the rules as best as possible to bug him and to receive more guidance from the Lord....
I'm still teaching English but it is overwhelming- we have more people coming which is great, but with all of my traveling it is hard to keep it up each week-- we already have to cancel again this week--- sad face- and I have no time to study English lessons to teach... its hard but I will have the members help me out.

The mission conference is tomorrow in Londrina! I am stoked to see Sister Alston!!! We leave Cascavel today at 4pm with our zone! ALL MISSIONARIES 140 WILL BE IN LONDRINA TONIGHT FOR THE CONFERENCE TOMORROW-- NO IDEA HOW WE WILL ALL SLEEP THERE BUT I KNOW PRES IS ALREADY LOSING HIS MIND WORRYING... HAHA
we have another baptism marked for a girl named paula (13) she is so great and is going to be baptized on christmas eve! she lives with her dad whose birthday is today (73 years old- she is the youngest) and she has a hard life...but loved church this week and is so excited for her baptism! I AM HAPPY FOR HER!

The hard part is that we will be in Londrina from tonight until Friday morning because we have the conference tomorrow and then Sister Anjos and I will be traveling doing some visits to other sisters in the mission.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Mission Week 54: December 11,2017

December 11, 2017

J.- recent convert- is the 2nd counselor in the YM's and is loving it! He helped put together a great activity this week to raise money for the youth to go to the temple and is a great home teacher already! Spending Sundays making visits! He is wonderful and I am beyond proud of him- preparing to recieve blessing patr. and to serve a mission!

E.- paid tithing and is on track to get the Melchizedek Priesthood! doing great and helping us find and teach his friends! E. BLESSED THE SACRAMENT YESTERDAY FOR THE FIRST TIME AND I CRIED! IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL! HE AND J. CALL US EVERYDAY WANTING TO BAPTIZE, WITH REFERENCES, AND WANTING TO FEED US! SO PROUD OF MY SOON-TO-BE ELDERS!

D.- received the Aaronic Priesthood yesterday and he and his wife will get a couple calling this week! He is happy! He is doing FHE this week!

T. will stay with the young women because I felt like the RS was too advanced for her even though she is 18. She is happy and will also receive a calling with the YW!

A.R. will get married to the member named S. this week on Friday before the ward Christmas dinner! I asked P (returned missionary- daughter of D.) to do her makeup for me and I am planning on helping with her hair for her big day!


This week we found more people to teach and marked a date for baptism with a 13 yr old girl named G. She was a referral from the Sisters in the other ward. We went there and taught her and her mom. They were so receptive. I brought P. (rm) with us to teach and Sister Anjos said that it was her first ever lesson with a member in the mission! I was shocked because I love teaching with member and love teaching the members how to teach others- the Spirit is always so strong and the investigator automatically has a friend to follow up with them and to fellowship. THE LESSON WAS INCREDIBLE..if I may... and we taught the gospel of Jesus Christ. G. accepted to be baptized this upcoming Sunday and her mom was great as well. Her mom was actually a pastor of another church for 11 years, but told us that she always felt like she was missing something, that in that other church she felt like she has been suffocated- that her agency had been taken away but strict rules and doctrine of men. She felt the Spirit and accepted our invitation to pray about her own baptism! We are hopeful that she will be baptized with her daughter! So happy!

We also found a widow named E.- she has been visited by the elders years ago but they could not enter her home because she lives alone- hey left the Book of Mormon but didn't explain.....HHHMMMPHHH...they also didn't leave her in the area book--shocker again--- and so we found her knocking doors. She explained that she read 11 pages of the Book of Mormon and knew that it was true but lost contact with the missionaries. We are working with her and are hoping to baptize her soon as well! So exciting!

This week we know we need to do divisions with the sister to help them to baptize and with other difficulties, but we also know that we need to baptize in our area to set an example for them...its a tricky balance...we are deciding with Presidente to see if we will go out to train/work in the sisters areas this week, or stay in our area to build up our area to be ready to go to the Christmas conference and do divisions next week.... we will see what he decides.. either way I am excited!

Our goal for the month of December with our sisters is 25 baptisms!! Lots of work and prayer ahead!

I studied in Matthew 10 today- I loved the promise that if we lose ourselves during this time doing His work, we will find ourselves- and that whoever proclaims His name unto men, He will speak for us to the Father--- so special! I am trying to do this- with this new assignment, I am under even more pressure- the Lord is putting me in the fire to be refined-, and I am grateful, because in order for a ordinary stone to become a diamond, heat and pressure is needed--- I am excited to continue learn lots and help serve the Lord and other missionaries-I feel so humbled and inadequate, but I know that this is the Lord's work and he will help me!


Sunday, December 10, 2017

Mission Week 53: December 6, 2017

December 6, 2017

We got on the bus on Tuesday afternoon here in Cascavel and went with all of the missionaries from Foz and Cascavel and Maringá to Londrina! It was wild! I saw tons of great friends- including Sister Trindade- who will finish her mission tomorrow! IT WAS A BLAST ON THE BUS RIDE! BUT 10 HOURS LATER, AT MIDNIGHT, WE FINALLY GOT TO LONDRINA!
THEN WHEN WE GOT THERE TO THE MISSION OFFICE- the APs and secretaries had to get everyone to the missionaries apartments in Londrina to sleep--- they sent everyone out and then it came down to me and my comp, and the two sister training leaders...and we hadn't been given a sleeping assignment yet... and I knew in that moment that President would have us sleep at his house--- but I was just thinking he would want me there because he knows I've slept there a few times/know my way around his house- and to help Sister Pereira with the conference the next day....
We met with Elder Aidukatis. It was a great conference. Here are some pictures. It was so great to see so many great mission friends! I was also called to be a Sister Training Leader!

Mission Week 52: November 27, 2017-1 year!!!

November 27, 2017



So, Saturday was the craziest day! hahaha 

We had stake conference- our stake was divided! Yahoo! I will explain more about this later... so because of the conference, all of the men in our ward were in Foz do Iguaçu (2 hours away) for the priesthood session, and we had to baptize D. (P.'s dad) in my district leaders chapel (our stake center). It was super chaotic because of the conference and without priesthood leaders... I have a strong mindset about the importância of members being at the baptism and our bishop and other auxiliaries because the new member needs to be welcomed right in to the ward from the start. so.... knowing that the men would all be in Foz and that we would probably have a small ward turn out at his baptism, everyone was telling me that we should wait to baptize him until Sunday (just one day later)... I thought and prayed about it with my companion, but we felt very strongly that he needed to be baptized as planned on Saturday. 

Our ward mission leader was sick and couldn't come and help us and it was pouring rain all day long, so it was just extremely chaotic.... we prayed that everything would go as planned and that we would be able to baptize D. without delay. I was stressed....haha but it's that kind of stress that is associated with unshaken faith....hahhaha... I called my district leader (Elder King- who is from Las Vegas and finishes his mission next week) and explained the situation. He came to my rescue and reassured me that it would all be just fine. He offered to baptize this man for me- I normally don't let the elders baptize my converts, but with all of the chaos of the day, and thinking about how much this elder has helped us (he's a great friend of mine) and how he hasn't had many baptisms this transfer, I felt like it would be wonderful to give him the opportunity. 
We got to the church- Irmã K. made yummy chocolate cake for the baptism because this week I did not have time--- and when we got to the church (the elder's chapel) with P. and her family- the elders realized that we didn't have the keys to enter into the baptismal font from the back- we could open it from the front (where we watch the baptism and has that glass) but behind where they enter in and go down the stairs into the font was locked!!!! I kept my cool but was panicking companion and the elders were running around with their heads cut off trying to call other members who might've had keys.... without any luck-- all the men were in Foz with their church keys- the four of us (my companion and i, and the two elders) knelt down in the gym and prayed that we could find a way to open the doors and baptize D. that day..

Shortly after the prayer- I received REVELATION! HAHA SERIOUSLY! I told the elder to go and change his clothes and to help D. put on his jumpsuit as well. the members started to show up and I had my iPod playing church music to welcome everyone...

Bishop has met him and the Bishop and other leaders were so thrilled that we were bold and baptized him- we followed the spirit and luckily have their trust as well----

And members were there! it was a beautiful baptism- we even had a musical number! ;)
after the elder and D. changed their clothes, I explained to them my crazy plan. We would put one chair into the water in the font, and one chair on the outside of the font (the front side) and then they would stand up on the first chair, swing their leg over the glass, and step down on the chair in the water- then take the chairs out and baptize him- and exit the font in the same way. The elder looked at me and smiled, laughing and said, " about a sister who doesn't give up-" hahahahaha

Everyone thought I was nuts-- but I told the members that this man needed to be baptized on this day and that he was ready- when we explained to D. (hes in his mid-50s if I may....) how he would enter into the font, he looked at me and said, "Sister- today is the day- however I get into that font is not the problem, but I will be baptized today!" It was soooo cute- this quiet man was so excited to be baptized in front of his wife and his two daughters- his family who had been trying to invite him for years! 

Needless to say- D. was baptized on Saturday- entering the baptismal font from the front side- climbing over the glass... the best part of it all was seeing his huge smile as he left the water.... my heart.... I sat in the front row with my companion and his family, holding his wife's hand as she cried watching him be baptized. As soon as he came out of the water his wife squeezed my hand and with tears rolling down her face said, "Sisteres, you don't understand how happy I feel today- I've been dreaming about this day since the day I was baptized 4 years ago- we have been inviting him for years and finally you girls came in and the Spirit you brought touched his heart. finally, my family can be sealed in the temple!" 

I LOST IT. TEARS OF GRATITUDE- TEARS OF HUMILITY-- I KNOW THAT THIS IS NOT ME- I am nothing. I am just a product of great parents, family, and have been blessed by the Lord to be a missionary at this time. He is guiding the work here- I am just moving my feet and hearing His voice. 

Yet another family to be sealed in the temple....and P. was able to see her dad's baptism before heading back to serve her own mission in special. 

What a great way to celebrate Thanksgiving! I missed all of you so much and felt so much gratitude to know that you are all taken care of- that Heavenly Father is aware of each of us and gave His Son for each of us so that we could have beautiful experiences to learn and grow like I had this week.

Que coisa mais linda! Eu amo ser uma missionária!
We had our stake conference yesterday and J. (our first baptism here) received the Melchizedek Priesthood and was ordained an elder already!!! Less than one month after his baptism!!!!!! Presidente Pereira was there and was so happy to greet J. and to congratulate him! He told J. that when J. opens his mission call, he will be there!! Sooooo cool!

Our stake was divided by Elder Mark Bassett of the 70 and Elder Toledo of the 70! Now we have our stake- Estaca Cascavel and Estaca Foz do Iguaçu! so exciting to see so much growth here!

So great!

Tomorrow, we will all travel for 7-9 hours on a bus with a bunch of missionaries to get to Londrina- we will have a mission tour conference with Elder Aidukaitis of the 70- he will do a training with the missionaries in our mission! We are excited!!! 

And Sister Pereira and Presidente came to do our interviews here in Cascavel on friday afternoon and told us that Christmas (December 19th) ALL OF THE MISSIONARIES IN OUR MISSION WILL HAVE A CHRISTMAS CONFERENCE-- EVERYONE TOGETHER- THIS NEVER EVER HAPPENS!!!!!!!!! I WILL SEE ALL OF MY FRIENDS!!! YAY!


Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Mission Week 51: November 20, 2017-Happy Thanksgiving

November 20, 2017

We had two more baptisms this week! J. baptized his 18 year old sister T!

Elder Rasband just came to do a devotional but the stake will officially be split this weekend on the 26---

He was wonderful and spoke about 3 Nephi 11 when Christ visits the Americas- he talked about how there were so many people there but Christ took the time and showed love to each one- one by one- blessing the children- he talked about how Christ ministered... He could have just blessed the multitude all at once, but no- He took each person in his arms and blessed them. He spoke about how we need to be more like Him in blessing the lives of others- one by one- that we need to give more thought and more love to the individual. I WAS OBSESSED WITH HIS TALK! He and his wife has translators- but it was cool hearing him speak in English and then having it directly translated for the people!
We had an awesome P day with our district here in Cascavel- my district leader is Elder King from Las Vegas- and he will be headed home from his mission at the end of this transfer which will be December 4th--- he is such a great friend of mine and it was fun to have more time chatting with him and playing all of the games that he planned.

We played lots of relay type games-- Brazilians vs the foreigners (we have 3 Brazilian sisters, 2 Brazilian elders, 2 American sisters, 1 American elder, 1 Mexican elder, and 1 Mexican sister in our district- so it was 5 Brazilians against the 3 Americans and 2 Mexicans hahahaha)
It was sooooo fun!!!

This week was wild-- we were running around trying to get everyone ready to be baptized and to invite even more people to be baptized! so many miracles-- it was awesome because we had so many members at the baptisms and so much support!

It was so cool because my first baptism here-J. (21) received the priesthood and baptized his younger sister T (18) this week! It was his first baptism! He is preparing to serve a mission already and is giving us so many references. My heart was so full watching my baptism baptize his own sister!!! was a beautiful moment and really reminded me how wonderful Heavenly Father is!!! I have been a basket case all week just thinking about the beauty of it all!
We are teaching a man named D.- he is the father of a member named P- P is 19 and left to serve her mission in Peru- but after just four months in the field, she had to come home because of problems with her ankle. She has been recovering for the last few months and has been almost cleared to go back to her mission- probably after Christmas. She is so wonderful and has been helping us tons! But anyways- everyone in her family are members except for her dad.

We went there to teach him and he was really receptive which threw P. off--- but we invited him to be baptized and he said that he knows that he needs to but that he is scared. We explained the plan of salvation and how everyone has to be baptized how Christ was in order to live with God and our families forever. I felt a strong impression to ask P. to share her testimony with her dad in that moment. She was emotional and said, "dad, I love you so much, and I want to be with you forever- our whole family will be together and you will be alone without us-- I can't imagine my life in eternity without you, dad-" then she shared about her mission and about the gospel and it was soooo powerful! She, her mom, and dad were all emotional and so were we!!!!! 

Her dad came to watch the baptisms this week and was interviewed by my Zone Leader- Elder Benvenuto;)- and didn't pass the interview but felt the spirit very strongly. We went back yesterday and we told him that there are no coincidences- that his daughter came home from her mission just to see her dad be baptized- and we were able to mark his baptism for this week on the 25th! We are praying that it all works out and that he can let go of his fear and be baptized!!!!! So much hope and happiness for another great week ahead!
This year I am grateful for so many things- but most importantly I am thankful to Heavenly Father to be a missionary- I am grateful for His mercy and tender mercies and for the opportunity that I have to share His love with these wonderful people. I love my family and the Lord with all of my heart and now consider the Brazillian people, my people! My heart is overwhelmed with gratitude this year for all of the blessing that i have received. I know that the Lord lives and loves us and that He loves me because He gave me the best parents and family in the world, the best mission and place on earth to serve with some many great people, and the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ to live and share with others! I love you all so much and am so grateful for you!

Have the greatest week and know that I am praying for you always! I hope that you have a great holiday of love and joy!

Mission Week 50: November 13, 2017 "Can Brazil get any better?"

November 13, 2017

Bom dia mãe e pai!

This was another great week here in Cascavel!! So much to say!!

I love this ward and my area! I am so happy!

I wanted to tell you first that the baptism for R.- that 15 year old fell through...He is really sweet and we are going to try to help him still. He is such a cutie! 

We were sad that his baptism fell through- we know that he was super excited but man, Satan really annoys me!! Gosh! I just want to punch that guy in the face.... he works fast... and I am trying to work even faster-- LEAVE MY PEOPLE ALONE! SUPER ANNOYING...but we didn't get discouraged... we just kept going hard all week and were able to mark 5 MORE BAPTISM DATES FOR THIS UPCOMING WEEK! WE ARE STOKED!

We taught English again this week! We had three visitors come to learn and we are going to be teaching them the gospel now in their homes! We are thrilled about the turn out! Our class is super dynamic-- hahaha treats, practices, worksheets... you know how I am... the internet house where we email you every week, there is a lady who owns it, and she and her two friends were the visitors at my English class! The internet house lady also said that she can prepare and print anything I need for my class for FREE! #LOVEGOODFRIENDSHIPS #I LOVE TO PRINT THINGS.... HEHEHE #PAPERFANATIC #LIKE MY MAMA

We are so happy! Also- a really awesome return missionary and his wife who also served- young couple- are helping us a ton here! I had the idea to announce my English class on the local radio station here in Cascavel and do some advertising for the church and he loved the idea!!! He went with us and we were marked to speak on the radio next week! It is a religious news channel- small city radio station- but we are going to announce our English class and maybe even teach the restoration over the radio!!!!!!! SOOOO RAD! He (G.) is also going to take us to the local schools so that we can make the announcement as well! I know we will have even more people to teach, provide service, and to baptize because of my class!! yay!

J.- my first baptism here in Cascavel- lives next to R. (our baptism that fell through) and he could tell that we were sad... and so he and his grandma and sister called us into their house and J. went and bought the yummiest pizza ever for us with soda and french fries too!! MIRACLE!! SOOOOO YUMMY AND SOOOO SWEET! WE ARE NOW TEACHING ALL OF J.'S FAMILY! His sister is 18 (we celebrated her birthday yesterday) and her name is T. She is such a gem and we love her. J. received the priesthood yesterday and is anxious to baptize everyone! haha! He even introduced us to his friend O. who will most likely be baptized this weekend! and J. will baptize his friend and his sister!! We are sooo happy and so is he! 
J. lost his mom a few years back to cancer. J. lives with his grandma and two siblings. He is such a good man. He is only 21 but is so mature and is helping us so much! He is great- we love his sweet family!

We will baptize A.R. this weekend as well- she is the soon to be bride of a member in our ward- S.- the are an older couple, but super cute and lovey dovey- She is so precious and is praying and learning super well. She is so excited for her baptism on the 18th and her wedding next month! they don't have much money and both have been married before, so we will help with their wedding- we even offered to do her hair and makeup for her wedding next month! haha I HAVE A NAMETAG, BUT I HAVEN'T LOST MY TOUCH FOR GIRLS NIGHT OUT! HAHAHA

Oh, and yesterday, my companion and I gave talks in sacrament meeting... lets just say there wasn't a dry eye... I talked about charity- the pure love of Christ- I explained that if we truly love the Lord, we will have the desire to do His will and bring others into the gospel. I shared how my parents are the best example of charity that i know.

After our talks... the Stake President happened to be there and got up to share his talk and he said that after hearing me say that I gave up seeing my brothers wedding because of my love for the Lord and others that he had to change the topic of his talk... he said that he felt the love I have for my brother and for the Lord just by how he felt the Spirit speak in that moment. He gave a great talk about the atonement of the Savior and about how we need to imagine what it would be like the feel the nail marks in the Savior's hands and to kiss his face- that when we think about doing something hurtful or not inviting someone to come to church with us..etc... we should remember what we would do if the Savior himself was there beside us. THE SPIRIT WAS SOOO STRONG- I really think it was the most powerful sacrament meeting that I have had in my whole mission. HEART IS SO FULL!

The Stake President approached me afterwards thanking us for the work we are doing- he said that he could tell that in just 3 weeks, our ward had completely been changed and then he sent a message to President Pereira....hahahaha.

Last night we had a family home evening at our church- we were super nervous because we had planned it and prepared so much and everyone was saying that this ward hardly ever supports activities....that no one ever comes...but we prayed lots and fasted that we would have a great turn out and even that the members would bring their friends and families too! AND GUESS WHAT?! 80 PEOPLE SHOWED UP- MEMBERS, LESS ACTIVES, OUR RECENT CONVERTS AND 15 NEW INVESTIGATORS THAT THE MEMBERS HAD INVITED!!!!!!!! We were sooo happy! we gave a message about gratitude and everyone shared testimonies, felt the Spirit, and ate yummy food! we've got tons of new families to teach now!!!! Afterwards, the bishop thanked us and told us that we were a miracle to this ward--- he sent a message to Presidente Pereira and said, "Presidente, please leave these sisters here until Sister Tyson goes back to the states!" hahahahahaha
J. and E. showed up with white shirts and ties at church to receive the priesthood! Sooooo cute! And they are both arguing over who will baptize our next converts!! They are soooo great! they are both doing mission prep, learning English- they both want to serve in the states- and are doing visits with the ward mission leader to find more people for us to teach!!! THEY ARE FANTASTIC! They are testifying to people about the gospel already! E. even took our ward mission leader to visit a friend of his yesterday to teach about the gospel and told me about it afterwards--- he said, "Sister Tyson, I said to my friend what you always say to me, 'eu presto meu testemunho de que eu sei....' (I share my testimony that I know...) and I felt like a real missionary!" Hahaha soooo cute! He said that he cried as he promised his friend that if he would read the scriptures and pray, that he could have the strength to stop smoking! When I asked E. how he felt in that moment he said, "Sister Tyson, I felt this warm feeling in my chest- and an overwhelming excitement to teach more people! I don't even know how describe it...." hahaha THE SPIRIT, BUDDY...THE SPIRIT... SOOOOO SWEET!