Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Mission Week 28: June 12, 2017

June 12, 2017

THIS WEEK- I was thinking a lot about when Christ was walking near the sea shore and his disciples were trying to catch fish. They weren't having much success, but when Christ told them where to cast their nets--- they brought up sooooo many fish!!! Christ said, "Come unto me, and I shall make ye Fishers of Men,".
I thought about this a lot this week-- that as missionaries-- we are in the field, fishing. We are working hard to find all of the people out there wanting and waiting to hear the truth of the restored gospel, but sometimes, we don't always CATCH/or see the results of our efforts...

That is how it has been here in Cambé for our companionship. We are working hard, we are fishing- we have tried many neighborhoods, planned activities, done divisions with other missionaries, and prayed lots, but still, we haven't seen the fish!!! 

This week, my companion and I were feeling a little bit discouraged- transfers are next Tuesday and we have had two transfers in Cambé without a baptism...I found myself asking the Lord in my prayers, "where are the fish?" "where are the people in Cambé that are ready to hear thy message?" "Who can I help?"--- but then I was reminded that Christ told his disciples that they needed to have faith, and follow Him. And when His disciples did, OH HOW MANY FISH THEY WERE ABLE TO CATCH!

I am learning so much--- I told my companion that sometimes we just need to exercise faith to continue FOLLOWING HIM, despite whether or not we are seeing the results of our efforts. Heavenly Father knows and sees even our smallest effort to bring His children back to Him, and so, if He is satisfied, we need to be as well-- but if He is not, and it is not hard to know...WE NEED TO KEEP ON FISHIN!!! 

I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity to not only learn how to fish, but to learn how to be a FISHER OF MEN. I am learning so much and I know that Christ is always aware of us. This is the hardest thing I have ever done, especially now that I have gone 2 years being separated from my own twin brother and now will go another year away, but I HAVE NO DOUBT THAT EVEN IF I DON'T SEE THE RESULTS OF MY EFFORTS, I WILL ALWAYS KEEP CASTING MY NET! I know that Heavenly Father sees it all, and I am doing this for Him!
I am feeling lots more confident in Brasil! I feel comfortable! iIam still learning so much about the culture, language, people, etc, but I am feeling more comfortable with everything..

I hope to stay one more transfer in Cambe, but at the same time would be happy to leave and challenge myself in a different way--- I am finally feeling comfortable enough in the mission, with comps, and in Brazil to just go with the flow with the transfers... this is a happy feeling! Less nerves, more excitement to see what will happen next!
I'll be honest- there are some days in the mission field when I want to just collapse and stop--- days when it is super hot or super cold like this week (down to 5 degrees celsius)--- and no one wants to let you in... it is exhausting! But, I always remind myself that I can not stop moving, finding, and serving, until I have passed through even a fraction of what Christ passed for me.... I tell myself this knowing that I will never, ever get close to doing what He did.

This week we were knocking doors and found a woman named D. She is a single mom with a 15 year old son and 10 year old daughter. We met with them and they go to another church called "Paz e Amor"- they are really big church goers... we introduced the Book of Mormon and they were ecstatic to accept it! They thought we sold Books of Mormon and worshiped Joseph Smith... haha so they were happy to hear the truth. I am excited to see where things go with them. They were super cute and wanted to send you guys pictures of me! haha this week we will visit them again and try to teach them everything we can!!! They are already reading the Book of Mormon! I think our only challenge with them will be teaching them about authority- that only the Church of Jesus Christ has authority to perform baptisms and such...but I am hopeful!

We had lunch again with I. and her family, they are so great! Love that cute family!

This week I met with Presidente Pereira again--- he is so great!!!  He said that these past few weeks, his wife has been begging him to let her call me- she said, "I miss talking to Sister Tyson--- can I just call her and chat?" hahahaha he told her that she can call anytime.
Sister Tyson with Sister Perreira (mission president's wife) and another sister missionary

Mission Week 27: June 5, 2017

June 5, 2017

THIS WEEK WAS AWESOME! We are working in a new part of our area and it is an area that has so many families in their homes together during most of the day!!!! It is a new subdivision here in Cambe that is owned by the government- the families there either have no income whatsoever, or they have one small income to support their families, so the government helps them temporarily. It is sad to see that many of the parents in the families turn to drugs and alcohol do deal with their financial issues, but the families in this subdivision are younger and humble. WE HAVE 37 NEW INVESTIGATORS THIS WEEK!!! WE ARE CATCHING FIRE, FINALLY!!!!

We are still in the beginning processes of teaching and contacting these new families, but I am hopeful that we will start seeing the "fruits" of our labors here in Cambe during these last 2 weeks of the transfer!!!!!! I AM SO EXCITED!

Yesterday we did an activity with the youth in our ward and we had a great turn out! We did a practice with them about how they can invite their friends to come to mutual, church or seminary! It was awesome! My companion did the spiritual thought and I did the games and the practices! Then, the YW presidency made pizzas and brought soda for everyone. It was awesome!

The language is great! I was told that I am fluent this week! haha Not true, but I have some of the people fooled!! I have a long ways to go and still have an American accent, but I am trying to learn lots everyday! I have understood 90% of everything people have said for a long time-- pretty much in the CTM (MTC) I understood a lot...but now, I don't even skip a beat with the people in the street--- which is a blessing from the Lord! And I love joking in Portuguese! I am learning lots and still need lots of help, but with time! Portuguese is hard!! Sometimes I doubt why Heavenly Father thought I was smart enough or capable enough to learn this difficult language.... everyone speaks it differently and have different accents! It's so hard--- and it has so many rules! I know that the Lord doesn't give us any challenge we can't face, but man! It's a challenge!

I will give the training for my district this week--- I am nervous but excited!

Mission Week 26: May 29, 2017

May 29, 2017

This week we did divisions with two recent converts- two young women- and it was so fun to teach them how to invite people in the street--- they literally had some much energy and were running through the streets inviting people to come to church! It was precious--- so happy to be helping future missionaries!!!!

We will do a youth activity this upcoming Sunday to help the youth in our ward get excited for missions and doing missionary work now in our ward--- I'm really excited!!!

This week we didn't teach very many lessons because we were making lots of new contacts and picking up referrals in two new parts of our huge area, but it was a good week!!!

This week was also cool because I taught a lesson with the young woman T. while we were on divisions. I taught the Plan of Salvation to an older widow and she was soooo sweet! The Spirti was so strong and we took photos with the lady afterwards and ate fruit off of her trees outside her house!

We passed another lady in the street and the Young Women invited her and her friend to church. The women started to refuse the invitations and so Sister Fereira and I jumped in to help "rescue" the teens from the rejection. HAHAHA and as soon as I started speaking, the woman stopped me and said, "Have we met before? I know I have heard your voice before, it is so familiar to me." She asked me lots of questions to see if we had met before and I reassured her that I am new to Brazil and so it was not likely that our paths had crossed before. She then concluded, "I think I must've known you before this life, like we were friends or something."

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Mission Week 25: May 22, 2017

May 22, 2017

THIS WEEK- this week was rough... the rain really slowed us down! My companion was so happy to receive the package you guys sent with all of the American goodies!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! EVERYONE AT OUR ZONE MEETING SAW THAT SHE GOT A PACKAGE FROM MY FAMILY! HAHA IT WAS REALLY FUNNY- I didn't receive a package, but lots of letters and so they were like so confused..but so jealous-- they call mom, "the only mom who didn't forget"- that is moms nickname in our mission! haha Because when I first got in the mission and was receiving so much mail, everyone told me that in a few months down the road, everyone sending mail would forget about me and I would receive less and less....but after 6 months, I AM STILL RECEIVING SO MUCH MAIL AND SO ARE MY COMPANIONS (FROM MY FAMILY) HAHAHA MOM HAS AN AWESOME REP IN MY MISSION! HAHA I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!

My companion was beyond thrilled!

The Webb's sent her a card too! Bro. Webb wrote to my comp in Portuguese and Sis. Webb sent those GLOW IN THE DARK STARS TO HER!!! SOOOOO CUTE!! MY HEART IS SO GRATEFUL!

This week we had an awesome lesson with N.-- our long time investigator-- I invited two awesome elders-- zone leaders-- to come and teach her-- they both taught her in the past and she loved them--- I had talked to her the night before and we discussed her upcoming medical appointment and she explained her nervous feelings about it--- and I asked if maybe she would like receive a priesthood blessing. She happily accepted and we brought the elders to teach and give her a blessing! The Spirit was incredibly strong and I gained an even stronger testimony of the priesthood!! N. after 6 months of going to church and having 6 sets of missionaries in her house, went to be interviewed for baptism! She said that for the first time- she felt Christ's love when my companion and I taught her! SUCH A MIRACLE!! She went to the interview and our district leader said that it was one of the best interviews hes ever had-- she is incredibly prepared--- she still has many things to resolve with her health, and so, we are hoping she will accept to be baptized in the next few weeks! We will see.... she still feels like she needs more we have to start working with other people and leave her to decide for awhile...but I am hopeful! I love her so much!
This week we are working on getting the awesome youth in our ward involved in the work! we will do divisions this week with some cute young women who are recent converts!  we will teach them how to do door contacts and more about the temple-- they will divide with us and find people to take to church this week! they are precious and soooo excited!! we are hoping to get all of the youth to bring their friends to church!! we have lots of ideas!! trying to help them do missionary work and prepare to become missionaries themselves! i am so excited!!

Yesterday was Stake Conference and we took a bus provided from the church with the members to the chapel in Londrina! President and his wife spoke about missionary work and the temple president from the Curitiba temple was there to speak about missionary work beyond the veil! It was great! 

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Mission Week 24: May 15, 2017 Mother's Day!

May 15, 2017

Hi mom and dad!


I am seriously so blessed to have such a great family!!! My heart is so full--- I wish I could have had more time to talk with you both and to hear more about everything you guys are doing-- but I hope you know how much I love you!!!! 

It was so fun to see everyone's faces! the time talking to you all goes so fast, but it was soooo great! I hope everyone felt like they had a chance to talk to me..and to share what they wanted to share! I sure loved it! 


Mission Week 23: May 8, 2017

May 8, 2017

Not much from Sister Tyson this week. She was sharing with us the time that she will be on Skype for Mother's Day.

Mission Week 22: May 1, 2017

May 1, 2017

We had an awesome zone conference and learned lots about how to better feel and recognize the Spirit! it was great- and then we had interviews with president- he was super great and told me that he has still been in contact with you guys--- he was so nice to send you guys pictures! 

Then my companion and I started working normally in our area on Thursday- she told me to pick a street to knock and I prayed to know which street Heavenly Father wanted us to visit.... I chose a street called Francisco L Hernandes- I didn't know why in that moment- seemed like a random street on a huge map, but, I felt like that was the street Heavenly Father wanted us to try and so off we went.

When we arrived at the street, we had only knocked 3 doors when we found the reason why Heavenly Father had sent us there.. WE FOUND M!

She let us come into her house to teach her a message. She lives alone is an older lady- shes a widow. We started asking her inspired questions- to get to know her better. I asked her, "how many kids do you have?" and she said, "I have 5, but now I only have 4 because God already took one of my sons back to live with him."

Right then, my heart was sooooo full of gratitude! I knew Heavenly Father told me to visit that street to find maria and to help teach her that she will see her son again. After losing my own cousin this past week, I knew that my experience with grief and loss could help relate to her loss. She lost her son only 3 months ago. My companion began to explain the first parts of the plan of salvation lesson to her and then when it came to the part about our life on earth and the atonement, my comp stopped and turned to me.... I then explained the Christ not only suffered for our sins but for our pain, sorrow, and grief. He is the only person who truly understands how M.and I feel about the loss of dear family members-- I testified that God has a perfect plan and if we follow that plan, and rely on the atonement of the savior, that we will see Gunner and her son again. She and I both cried together as I explained that this plan gives me hope for a better tomorrow- the because Christ died and because he lives again, Gunner and her son are resting and waiting for us- that we don't need to be alone in our grief because there is someone who knows perfectly of how we feel. THE SPIRIT WAS INCREDIBLY STRONG- I FELT THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD RIGHT THERE WITH US- as if he was saying to me, "Sister Tyson- this is why you are here doing this-"


WE found another single mom with 3 young kids on the same street who said they have been looking for a new religion- this single mom also lost her 13 year old son 4 years ago- and we shared the plan of salvation with her too! She and her kids were at church this sunday for the first time!!! soooo exciting!! 

Friday, May 19, 2017

Mission Week 21-April 24, 2017

April 24, 2017

Hey Mom and Dad,

I wanted to thank you for these updates and for all the pictures of Gunner boy! He is soooo handsome and I love these memories of him!

You are right- we are lucky to have such amazing people in our lives! I, too, have received so many emails this week paying condolences for our family! I am so grateful that the Wilhites and all of you are feeling loved during this difficult time. 

I am taking this pretty hard as well, but I am also surrounded by so many people who are taking good care of me! I am learning so much already through this experience! It is hard, but I am grateful to know that Heavenly Father has a perfect plan. 

On Friday, Presidente and his wife returned from traveling at 2am- they had family coming into town, and yet, they were at my house in Cambé before 10am that morning to see me. They were sooooo kind. I was able to talk to each of them individually and my companion also was able to receive guidance from each of them. 

Presidente cried more than I did when I explained to him how I was feeling. I read to him what I sent you guys about Gunner and Presidente cried like a baby. He reminded me that its okay to not always be strong and that I don't always need to put on a happy face when I am hurting. He cried as he explained the love he heard in Dad's voice as they talked on the phone- He said, "I could feel the love your father (Ryan) has for you when I talked to him the other day- I feel that love for you too as your President and as your father here in Brasil- like your dad, I wish I could take away this sorrow. I know your Heavenly Father loves you even more than your own father and more than I do!" 

He was really sweet- I reminded him of the day his mom died and I was the first missionary to know. I told him that on that day, I didn't know what to say to him to comfort him, and that I was frustrated because I didn't know what to say that could help him. Then, I explained, that now, I understand how he felt when his mom died- and how he couldn't go to see her. I explained that now, I have the opportunity to feel what he feels and what so many others have felt. 

I am grateful for the opportunity to learn and rely on the Saviors Atonement more through this difficult experience- I don't want to learn this lesson, but I know I am here to teach these people about the Savior, His sacrifice, and about the plan that Heavenly Father has for all of his children. 

I will explain more next week and have lots of questions for you guys-- but I just hope everything goes well this week for everyone. 

My heart hurts for the Wilhite's and for everyone, but I am so grateful that we know where to look to find peace!

TOMORROW- we have a zone conference in Londrina which should be fun! I am looking forward to it! 

Please let everyone know that you are in my thoughts and prayers!!! I love you soooo much!


Mission Week 20: April 17, 2017-Easter

April 17, 2017

Also, this week was a bit challenging with the holiday- it was hard to meet with our investigators and even harder to find people to teach and bring to church- because of the holiday, many people were drinking and partying all day and so we had to be a bit more creative with our tracting this week. We worked hard which is all that counts! I am happy and trying to keep my companion from getting discouraged. 

N.- our investigator- was supposed to be baptized on Saturday, but when we met with her on Friday she said that she still didn't feel like it was her time....we asked her if she had more doubts and she said no that she felt like she had learned everything but is just waiting to know that it is her time for sure and she wants to make a few changes in her life before she feels totally ready. We had a really good conversation with her and I lead the conversation this time- I felt prompted to tell her that we love her and want her to feel prepared to make this important covenant with her Heavenly Father. We also told her that it is important for her to start being better at keeping her commitments that we leave for her. She agreed to start reading, praying, and pondering more fervently. I am happy about this because it will be easy for her to feel and recognize her answer this way!

 I know N. has a testimony, we just need to help her feel Christs love- I am reminded of the worth of each soul in the sight of Heavenly Father- D&C 18:10- I am reminded that as missionaries- yeah, part of our purpose is to baptize and confirm, but our PURPOSE IS TO INVITE ALSO; INVITE OTHERS TO COME UNTO CHRIST AND TO LEARN THAT HE LIVES AND LOVES THEM!

When our investigators- or anyone feels the pure love of Christ- CHARITY- THEY WILL HAVE A DEEPER DESIRE TO FOLLOW HIM!  am excited to keep learning more and to keep teaching her! She will get there!!!! 

In the meantime, if you guys have any ideas or advice for me, I will take anything you have! haha

Thank you guys for everything! I am so lucky to have your support and love! I love you sooooo much and am sooooo grateful for a great family and great parents!  am so happy to be here! it is hard, but I know that Heavenly Father is using me as an instrument- I am definitely being fine tuned!!!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Mission Week 19: April 10, 2017

April 10, 2017

That girl is my new companion- Sister Ferreira. She is from Minas Gerais, Brazil. She is 20 years old and has been a member for 2 years. She is the only member in her family and has 5 siblings. She is obedient and is a spicy girl. She is pretty quiet at first but loves to talk when you get her going--- the personalities of brazillians is a bit difficult to adjust to, but it will be okay--- I AM SO GRATEFUL THAT SHE IS OBEDIENT!!!

L. and his wife have a daughter who served a mission. They are not members. L. (our investigator) became super interested in the church when his daughter started preparing for her mission. He has already been going to church every week for 3 years! He has received many missionaries and said that he would be baptized tomorrow if he could stop smoking. He is amazing and reads the Book of Mormon every day!! HE IS SO GOLDEN! He keeps praying that his daughter will return to the church. I AM SO EXCITED TO HELP L. TO STOP SMOKING SO HE CAN BE BAPTIZED AND BECOME A MEMBER! I shared Ether 12;27 with him and his wife and I felt the spirit so strong when we met with them!!! TENDER MERCIES!
We found L. (different investigator) while doing door to door contacts near our house. I knocked at his house and he came out and agreed to let us come back and teach him more about God's plan for our lives! We visited him this week and learned that his wife recently died and that his only son recently got married so he lives alone now. He believes in Christ but wants to know more about how knowing Christ can help his life. He agreed to come to church next week and understood the Plan of Salvation lesson really well! I am excited to keep meeting with him!

N. went to her sister's baptism- and she said that she saw her sister get baptized which makes her more nervous. I suggested that we could take her to the chapel during the week and let her stand in the font without water and we could explain what will happen on the day she is baptized- just so that she can feel more comfortable. We will see! Hopefully she prayed and received an answer from the Spirit!

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Mission Week 18: April 3, 2017

I was a little sad that I wouldnt be at home for conference with all of you because of the yummy food and all the family traditions, but conference was still such an amazing experience here- the talks were just what I needed going into this new transfer and sending my best friend-- Sister Penni- off to her new area.
This week was another crazy week-- Penni and I worked a normal day in Cambé on Wednesday and it was awesome to be back out in the streets together- trying to build a teaching group for me and my new companion. We taught some awesome lessons and found a good group of people that I will start teaching with my new companion this week.
On Wednesday night- Presidente called and told us that Penni would be transferred the next day to Cascavel-- an area 7 hours away from Londrina to finish her mission! We were both devastated to not have the last full week of the transfer together and to not be able to watch conference together in our zone..... we both cried and started packing her bags. Penni was hoping to stay close to Londrina to finish her mission because she loves Londrina and the people here- she has only served in 4 zones in the mission and they are the 4 closest zones to the main city of Londrina- she was feeling discouraged already about separating with me... but she has so much faith and knows that Heavenly Father has people prepared for her in Cascavel--- it is crazy to think that she only has 5 weeks left in the mission!! Taking her to the terminal the next day was sooooo painful- I felt like i was almost leaving all of you guys again.... we had a good last day together as companions though--- we went with the office elders to get Açaí- which is a fruit here in Brazil that they make into sorbet at frozen yogurt places (Penni's favorite)- and had lots of good laughs together! I WILL MISS HER MORE THAN I CAN SAY-- BUT SHE HAS HELPED ME LEARN SO MUCH AND I KNOW THAT I CAN DO THIS (or at least I hope I can hahaha)
I will stay in Cambé with a sister named Sister Ferreira- she has almost 8 months on the mission and I haven't met her yet-- she will be arriving today and then her and I will head for Cambé. She is Brazilian and I am excited to meet her and learn from her.

I LOVED THE CONFERENCE TALKS-- ESPECIALLY THE ONE BY PRESIDENT UCHTDORF ABOUT FEAR-- AND COURAGE- I loved that he said that fear can motivate us to do the right thing but that there is a better way--- on the mission, it is easy to be obedient only because you know your comp will tell the pres or others if you are not- or it is easy to be fearful that if you are unkind to your companion that you will lose blessing and have a bad reputation in the mission--- there are lots of missionaries who are obedient out of fear of disappointing others or are afraid of how they will be perceived---- I will admit that sometimes i do worry about how I am perceived by others in the mission and that sometimes motivates me to try to be my best self, which is a good thing- but I am realizing more and more that it is important to remember that there is a BETTER WAY. It is BETTER to be motivated by the Love of Christ- we are obedient not only because we are afraid of consequences, but because WE LOVE GOD more than the things of the world- more than ourselves, more than our own desires- and WE TRUST that HE WILL MAKE EVERYTHING RIGHT BECAUSE OF OUR OBEDIENCE AND DEMONSTRATION OF LOVE FOR HIM.
BEING A MISSIONARY IS THE HARDEST THING---BUT I COULD NOT BE MORE GRATEFUL FOR ALL OF THE HARD DAYS! My mission has already been absolutely not what I expected- I know that Heavenly Father knows of my potential to be more than i am now- I feel like He is humbling me so much- it is hard to be knocked down and feel every insecurity that I never knew I had, but I AM LEARNING SOOOO MUCH ABOUT HIS PLAN, HIS LOVE, AND ABOUT MYSELF! IF I MAY...hehe... I AM BLOOMING! lol

Mission Week 17: March 27, 2017


SORRY I AM GETTING ONLINE LATER-- WE HAD P-DAY WITH OUR ZONE TODAY-- WE PLAYED VOLLEYBALL AND LOTS OF GAMES-- IT WAS PRETTY FUN! You know me... i usually just like to sit and watch everyone play and just sit and talk with people-- but this time I really got into the volleyball game and was actually not to bad.. hehe it was way fun!

 So---- the real transfers are next week but because Presidente wanted us to leave our area and move Elders into it, we moved to my new area which will be CAMBÉ! I AM SO EXCITED TO BE STAYING CLOSE IN LONDRINA AND IN THE SAME ZONE!! PENNI will stay with me for this last week and we will watch conference and everything together but then she will be transferred and train a new Sister Training Leader--- I am sad that she and I will be separated but I am sooooo excited to already be getting settled in my new area!

We went to the new house and it was absolutely filthy so Penni, I and our Zone Leaders have been cleaning it out this week to get it ready for my new companion and I--- it looks sooo much better now! 

The ward in Cambé is amazing!! everyone is super nice and its one of the strongest wards in londrina!!! the last 6 baptisms that have happened in that ward have come completely from ward references! I am sooo excited! Penni is bummed to be leaving me especially in such a gorgeous area with amazing members, but she needs to train. Presidente said that this ward is going to be perfect for me and my new companion! He is so good to me! 

Leonor was a super poor neighborhood and Cambé is exactly opposite... its crazy that I am already seeing so many differences in all 3 of my areas! CHANGES ARE HARD- BUT I AM EXCITED!

This week Penni and I will hopefully work more normally and not have as many special assignments in the office-- we are excited! we are enjoying every minute together until the transfer!

Mission Week 16: March 20, 2017


I am extremely happy to know that Allie girl is staying busy but that she has so many fun and exciting things going on! I wish I could be there to help drive her around, stay up late thinking about ideas for her election and interview, and just being there to cheer her on! She is seriously amazing and I love that she has always been someone who takes so much on and still maintains her friendly, funny, happy self! I admire her so much and just know that she is doing amazing things!

So glad you all have been spending time together and dancing in the house to all my favorites! Sister Penni and I always joke that when she gets to Utah this fall to go to BYU, that she is already going to be hanging out with you guys before I even get home! You guys would seriously love PENNI! She is LITERALLY MY BEST FRIEND-- BESIDES mom, dad, Zach, Kade, and ALLIE! HAHAHA I'm sure she would love an email from you guys if you get a chance--- she has literally changed the course of my mission and I am sooo grateful for her!

C. WAS SO EXCITED TO TELL ME ABOUT HOW SHE SENT PICTURES TO YOU---- did you guys use google translate??? hahaha I love them soooo much! We havent been able to visit them for awhile because we havent been in our own area very much, but yesterday their little son saw me at church and would not let go of my leg the whole day! he calls me "familia" and is pretty attached! Sooooo cute!


We did divisions in Arapongas from Monday to Wednesday--- it was awesome! We divided with two sets of sisters and did some training with them--- Penni trained and I went with the other companions and just tried to boost their spirits! hahaha needless to say.. I had some good talks with them and had them laughing all day---- hahahahaha I might not be as funny as I think I am, but they sure boosted my confidence! LOL! 

We taught one of her investigators the plan of salvation- His name was J. and he has been through many tragedies lately- he lost his father 4 months ago and has had problems with his own health and his wife's as well- and so he has been really curious about the plan that God has for us. When we first arrived at his house- he brought chairs out to the front yard for us and welcomed us to share the message with him. Sister G and I had not discussed before hand who would teach which part of the lesson but we both knew that we would teach the plan of salvation to him. I could tell in his eyes that he was in a lot of pain emotionally---even though I didn't know this man- and I wasn't even in my own area- I automatically felt so much love for him and pain for the pain that he was obviously experiencing. In that moment, I prayed in my heart to know what Heavenly Father would have me say to comfort this man. My answer came as soon as we started the lesson-- I said- J., Eu não conheco de voce ainda- mas Eu ja sei que Deus ama voce e sua familia e que Ele tem un plano para voce. Ele sabe o que voce esta sentido agora e Ele não vai deixar voce solzinho. (I don't know you yet, but I know that God loves you and your family and that he has a plan for you. He knows what you are feeling right now and He will not leave you alone.) 

I know that those words only came from our Heavenly Father- the words were simple, but I could feel the spirit so strong. I don't know if we helped J. this week- but I know Heavenly Father helped me! He is constantly teaching me to rely on him and not my own abilities-- I know that if I try to rely on just myself, I will get nowhere- but with Heavenly Father I can go ANYWHERE!!!

I know that Heavenly Father protects his missionaries and loves us soooo much! I know that where much is given, much is required-- and I feel so blessed in my life and blessed with the opportunity to share what I know to be true!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Mission Week 15: Sister's Conference!

March 13, 2017

Before I write details about this week- I want to say that I am so sorry because I wont have much time to write today because Penni and I will be traveling today to do splits with some of the other sisters in another city-- but I will try to write as much as I can!
Also--- the picture of me and the blonde girl- Sister Knoll-- we are the only two blonde girls in the whole mission haha so we had to document it--- we just met and she is already going home after this transfer, but it was fun to meet her at the conference this week. In the big group picture of the sisters, Presidente insisted that she and I stand in the middle- next to each other cause we are the only two blondes... lol!


This week Presidente bought me some silicone shoe inserts to try and relieve some of the friction and rubbing for my feet--- the doctor this week said that I should just be wearing tennis shoes and that that would help a lot--- but Sister Penni and I bought some sandals that still have closed toes and heels and I tried them out this week while we were working the streets and I FELT AMAZING-- ABSOLUTELY NO PAIN AND MY FEET WERE FINALLY NOT HOT! I kept trying to explain that I was getting blisters because my feet were hot and always staying wet--- and finally, Sister Penni and I found shoes that will work! They have enough support on the bottoms and my feet feel great! TENDER MERCIES!!!

Also this week-- The sister's conference was awesome!! We went on Monday and were baking at presidents house until 11:30pm!!! Sister Pereira was a great hostess and made us dinner and snacks while we were baking--- it was so exhausting but fun to be at their house again talking to Sister Pereira! Presidente drove us home and we got right into bed.

The conference on Tuesday went super well! Sister Penni gave an amazing workshop about being daughters of God who represent him- super powerful! She is sooooo good! I was asked to share my testimony again in front of everyone and was nervous again! I was emotional as I shared my gratitude for my opportunity to serve and to serve with and be served by Sister Penni and our good President and his wife--- I cried and shared how much I love my Savior-- I told the sisters that I know that the only way I could do this right now is because I know He is by my side!! It was super special for me and I prayed that the sisters would understand my Portuguese enough to feel the spirit--- many sisters had tears in their eyes as well and were so sweet with their compliments afterwards. SUCH A GOOD DAY!! I helped serve juice and desserts with the sister training leaders and Sister Pereira which made me feel special that I could just jump in and help. Talking to all of the sisters was the best part of the day- they are all so special- I could feel Heavenly Father's love so strongly for each one of us. I know that He sees the good things that we are trying to do here, even if He is the only one who does. SUCH A GREAT EXPERIENCE- loved helping plan it and see it happen! We were exhausted after many days of planning and late nights, but just because the conferene ended didn't mean that we were done with our day......

The conference went all day long and we were helping the sisters get back to their houses and get on buses to head home and so we stayed at the office working until 9pm-- after, we went to the bus stop (Sister PENNI AND I) and waited for the bus to take us to the terminal to head home--- Sister Penni all of the sudden said that she felt like we needed to go get some money at the bank and so we went and she took out money. Then, we got on the bus and went to the terminal-- when we got to the terminal we got a call from one of the sisters and she told us that her companion was feeling super sick during the conference and that she needed to go to the hospital- she explained that they had already called Presidente and that he told them that it would be best for them to call a taxi and go to the hospital because he had already gotten home for the night and had company in town--- but the sisters didn't have money for a taxi so they called us----- Sister Penni turned to me and said, "Tyson- we are not going home right now-" and I smiled and said, "I already know-- lets do this--" and then we got on a different bus and met up with the sick sister and her companion ----- we planned on calling a taxi and paying for it for them-- but then Presidente showed up after all and drove Me, PENNI, and the two other sisters to the emergency room--- he asked Sister Penni and I to stay with them and then use our money to buy a taxi to get home.... LUCKILY SISTER PENNI HAD FELT THE SPIRIT TELL HER TO GET MONEY OUT RIGHT BEFORE OTHERWISE WE WOULD NOT HAVE HAD MONEY TO TAKE CARE OF THOSE SISTERS!!! HEAVENLY FATHER KNOWS US AND LOVES US!!! SO GLAD FOR A COMPANION WHO IS WORTHY AND ALWAYS READY TO RECEIVE GUIDANCE FROM THE SPIRIT!! 

Then Sister Penni and I sat in the emergency room for a few hours until 1:00 am waiting and laughing together about everything and anything as we waited to take the sisters home---- It all turned out okay and those sisters slept in our beds that night-- we had 4 extra sisters at our house and so Sister Penni and I had a slumber party on our tile in the front room! We didn't have mattresses or even pillows to use but we had a fun time taking care of the sweet sisters and just making it fun!!!! HAPPINESS IS A CHOICE ALWAYS--- grateful for a companion who helps me always choose to have fun and serve others even when we are sooooo tired!

This week we were given lots of other assignments-- such a divisions this week until Wednesday and then another zone conference on Thursday so we have literally not and will still not be working in our own area very much which is hard because I am finally completely ready to go and we have a lot of people in our area who are ready to be found and taught but we are just taking it one day at a time! R. and D. have both come to church for 3 weeks in a row since we talked to them that first week and so they are both officially REACTIVATED! THEY BOTH RECEIVED CALLINGS THIS WEEK! THE BISHOP CRIED AND THANKED US FOR HELPING TO REACTIVATE THEM AFTER ONLY VISITING THEM ONCE! such a miracle!

President spoke in our ward yesterday and was powerful as always-- this Wednesday after divisions- we will travel home to host or cake night activity for our ward!! We planned it and are excited--- I am going to teach cruise ship and rock paper scissors games to the members!!! I am excited!

Also- during the one day we were able to work in our area this week- I was actually not with Sister Penni cause she is not feeling super well so I told her to stay home with Sister Riveros who lives with us and was sick-- and Sister Anjos- who I love and was with me in the CTM (MTC)- came out with me to work our area--- We are both still in training so usually we are not supposed to go out alone- but it was authorized and we were super excited to try to work the streets by ourselves!

We went over and visited J.-- the man whose wife sang a capella to us a few weeks ago has come to church twice and Saturday when we visited him and invited him to pray- he did and cried the whole time! I explained how to pray and helped him offer it and he said that he had never prayed out loud before! IT WAS INCREDIBLE! MY HEART COULD EXPLODE- THE SPIRIT WAS SOOOOO STRONG!!! We are hoping that his wife starts keeping her commitments to come to church with his as well....
We visited P and Sister Anjos took his box of cigarettes out of his hands and held the box as she and I explained A Palavra de Sabedoria--- word of wisdom- to him and the Plan of Salvation--- He is a 5 foot little man with a lot of sass!!  He makes fun of my Portuguese and tries to speak broken English to me hahahaha he's a challenge, but we are hoping he will start taking our lessons seriously because we know he wants to learn! We can tell he has faith in God and a desire to know more but he just might not be quite ready right now... we will see! He is in our prayers!

Mission Week 14: March 6, 2017

March 6, 2017

This week was a bit different than normal! hahaha
So it might be a little confusing for you guys this week but I will try to explain as much as I can...
On Thursday-- Presidente and Sister Pereira called Penni and I and told us that they needed our help to plan a sisters conference for every sister in the mission for this upcoming Tuesday (tomorrow)!!! hahaha We are super excited but a little overwhelmed at how little time we had to plan everything---- so on Thursday afternoon, Penni and I went to the mission office in the centro and met with Presidente and Sister Pereira----

I didn't expect to be invited to sit in on the meeting with them because I am not a sister training leader like Sister Penni is- and usually when she meets with him, I just want out in the office with the office Elders-- but Presidente said that he wanted to get my input on everything as well and so I came in and started helping too! That was fun! I felt special- maybe that's why he invited me to help plan it... either way.. I was happy to be included!

I asked if maybe we could give a handout to all of the sisters- (42 in the mission) and Presidente said that he would love it if we could make something for the sisters------ also Penni is going to be speaking on not just being a young woman on a mission but being a daughter of God called to serve him--- I am super excited!
So this whole weekend- Penni and I have been with Sister Pereira in the office working on PowerPoint, handouts, and coordinating the travel plans for all of the sisters.. its been a lot of work but its been a blast!!! The sisters will all arrive this afternoon!!!!

And Presidente asked me to spend time this week with his wife teaching her English and translating for her as she is finishing planning their daughters wedding-- Sister Pereira will travel later this month to the states for her daughters wedding and wants to be able to communicate with the grooms American family... I am excited for this!!!

Sister Penni has to do divisions with other sisters all week- and I will probably do that as well--- I think she will do splits with Sister Ferguson and her companion and so I might get to spend a day working the streets with Sister Ferguson!!!! haha and then Sister Penni and I will go back to work as normal----
I have loved spending this week preparing and planning this sister's conference! It has been sooooo fun and a good break for my feet! TENDER MERCY!

Right now with teaching, we haven't had many people because we haven't been in our area very long and this week we worked in the office all week-- but we are helping to activate lots of families and trying to have family nights with part member families! We have a great ward and are hoping to make a difference there! One lady we visited that I talked about last week- D. was inactive but now after we visited her has been at church these last two weeks!! The bishop is soooo grateful! I am learning lots and am so grateful to the lord for all of the tender mercies he has shown me!!! My testimony is growing more and more everyday and I am so lucky to be here doing this right now!
Thank you guys for always being supportive!!! I will write more next week!! LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH!