Sunday, April 9, 2017

Mission Week 17: March 27, 2017


SORRY I AM GETTING ONLINE LATER-- WE HAD P-DAY WITH OUR ZONE TODAY-- WE PLAYED VOLLEYBALL AND LOTS OF GAMES-- IT WAS PRETTY FUN! You know me... i usually just like to sit and watch everyone play and just sit and talk with people-- but this time I really got into the volleyball game and was actually not to bad.. hehe it was way fun!

 So---- the real transfers are next week but because Presidente wanted us to leave our area and move Elders into it, we moved to my new area which will be CAMBÉ! I AM SO EXCITED TO BE STAYING CLOSE IN LONDRINA AND IN THE SAME ZONE!! PENNI will stay with me for this last week and we will watch conference and everything together but then she will be transferred and train a new Sister Training Leader--- I am sad that she and I will be separated but I am sooooo excited to already be getting settled in my new area!

We went to the new house and it was absolutely filthy so Penni, I and our Zone Leaders have been cleaning it out this week to get it ready for my new companion and I--- it looks sooo much better now! 

The ward in Cambé is amazing!! everyone is super nice and its one of the strongest wards in londrina!!! the last 6 baptisms that have happened in that ward have come completely from ward references! I am sooo excited! Penni is bummed to be leaving me especially in such a gorgeous area with amazing members, but she needs to train. Presidente said that this ward is going to be perfect for me and my new companion! He is so good to me! 

Leonor was a super poor neighborhood and Cambé is exactly opposite... its crazy that I am already seeing so many differences in all 3 of my areas! CHANGES ARE HARD- BUT I AM EXCITED!

This week Penni and I will hopefully work more normally and not have as many special assignments in the office-- we are excited! we are enjoying every minute together until the transfer!

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