Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Mission Week 5: Last Week in the CTM!

January 6, 2017

I havent received travel plans yet- but we are having a big orientation all day Monday, January 9 and so we should get all the info we need by then- I know that I will be with my new comp and my mission president by the early afternoon on Tuesday, January 10! I am excited and a little nervous about leaving- I'm ready for a change but will miss everyone here and am still not super confident about the language yet--- but I am beyond stoked for a native companion! All of the people here from Londrina or going to Londrina I can understand perfectly! Such a blessing! There are so many different accents here than sometimes it sounds like 40 different languages- but the Londrina people speak in away that sounds much more like Spanish because we are next to Paraguay and so I can understand literally everything they say!  Sooooooo excited!
I've been teaching some Brazillian sisters how to sing Called To Serve in English and it's soooo fun! They have taught me so many things- including Called To Serve in Portuguese and I just love learning things from them! They are incredible!!!!!!!!!! iEvery week, all the girls on our floor get together and sing Called To Serve in all 3 languages to the new sisters and the ones leaving! It's a blast! I love it sooooooo much!
Every week- on Thursdays, we do service in the laundry room here at the CTM- R.- works at the CTM and I always try to talk to her about gospel related things- the first week we were here while we were doing laundry with her during service time, I felt prompted to ask her if she was a member of the church- she said that she wasn't but had started taking the discussions recently. she said the church had been so good to her and her son- shes a single mom- the church gave her a job at the CTM- and that she wanted to know more- I talked to her week after week during service time about what she was learning in her discussions that week. she would fold laundry with us and in all Portuguese describe her feelings about the lessons. I could tell her faith was growing each week--- and guesssssss what!!! This week- she showed us pictures of her baptism that happened this past Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she had decided to be baptized!!!! Sooooo amazing!!! I am so happy for her and her son! tender mercies! I know it had nothing to do with what I had said to her, but I just think its so cool that we were able to be strengthened by witnessing her faith grow over the last 6 weeks! GOD is GOOD people! I am soooo grateful!
New Year's Eve was super fun! We had ice cream buffets, games, casual clothes, and lots of social time! It was a blast! We actually all got to stay up´until midnight!!!!! And watch the fireworks in the court yard in the CTM!! It was wild! The Brazilians know how to party!  We sang hymns at the top of our lungs outside and everyone was dancing- it was a blast!

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