Sunday, June 4, 2017

Mission Week 22: May 1, 2017

May 1, 2017

We had an awesome zone conference and learned lots about how to better feel and recognize the Spirit! it was great- and then we had interviews with president- he was super great and told me that he has still been in contact with you guys--- he was so nice to send you guys pictures! 

Then my companion and I started working normally in our area on Thursday- she told me to pick a street to knock and I prayed to know which street Heavenly Father wanted us to visit.... I chose a street called Francisco L Hernandes- I didn't know why in that moment- seemed like a random street on a huge map, but, I felt like that was the street Heavenly Father wanted us to try and so off we went.

When we arrived at the street, we had only knocked 3 doors when we found the reason why Heavenly Father had sent us there.. WE FOUND M!

She let us come into her house to teach her a message. She lives alone is an older lady- shes a widow. We started asking her inspired questions- to get to know her better. I asked her, "how many kids do you have?" and she said, "I have 5, but now I only have 4 because God already took one of my sons back to live with him."

Right then, my heart was sooooo full of gratitude! I knew Heavenly Father told me to visit that street to find maria and to help teach her that she will see her son again. After losing my own cousin this past week, I knew that my experience with grief and loss could help relate to her loss. She lost her son only 3 months ago. My companion began to explain the first parts of the plan of salvation lesson to her and then when it came to the part about our life on earth and the atonement, my comp stopped and turned to me.... I then explained the Christ not only suffered for our sins but for our pain, sorrow, and grief. He is the only person who truly understands how M.and I feel about the loss of dear family members-- I testified that God has a perfect plan and if we follow that plan, and rely on the atonement of the savior, that we will see Gunner and her son again. She and I both cried together as I explained that this plan gives me hope for a better tomorrow- the because Christ died and because he lives again, Gunner and her son are resting and waiting for us- that we don't need to be alone in our grief because there is someone who knows perfectly of how we feel. THE SPIRIT WAS INCREDIBLY STRONG- I FELT THE SPIRIT OF THE LORD RIGHT THERE WITH US- as if he was saying to me, "Sister Tyson- this is why you are here doing this-"


WE found another single mom with 3 young kids on the same street who said they have been looking for a new religion- this single mom also lost her 13 year old son 4 years ago- and we shared the plan of salvation with her too! She and her kids were at church this sunday for the first time!!! soooo exciting!! 

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