Monday, February 6, 2017

Mission Week 10: Baptisms!

February 6. 2017

I am well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So- this week has been hard but awesome!!!!!
I had my first two baptisms!!!!

We had a combined zone P-day today and a combined Zone Conference tomorrow.

My feet feel great! We have walked more this week and my feet feel great! I walk and don't even have to pretend that they don't hurt because they really don't! I have been using the medicated cream religiously and following the president's advice to rest--- its been a challenge for me to just sit in the house--- but I have been grateful for the study time! I started to Book of Mormon again on Wednesday and by Friday I was through 2nd Nephi! It's been great to read just to read and study and the conference talks in the church magazines too! Plus lots of chats with my comp and lots of letter writing! We- my comp and I, love singing in Portuguese and English - we sing all the church music on our iPods in both languages while we are making cards for people! It's fun! So- it hasn't been as hard as I thought! I am grateful!

ON FRIDAY- I was introduced to G., C., and their little 3 year old son, D.
My comp had found them a week before and it's a long story but they had welcomed her and her other comp in and were super curious about the Plan of Salvation---- golden! My comp and the other sister taught them all of the lessons except the Restoration and a few commandments
So, on Friday, we went in to their house and taught the Restoration--- I was in charge of just inviting them to be baptized, but ended up teaching the entire part about prophets, apostles, and Christ's ministry!!! It was amazing! They were asking lots of questions and somehow- only Heavenly Father knows- I was answering the questions without much help from my comp!!!! It was amazing! They were asking hard, but important questions, and we ended up staying much longer than we thought.
When it came time to ask them if they would be baptized--- I testified simply of Jesus Christ, the Gospel, and of the Book of Mormon and then asked them if they would follow the example of Christ and prepare to be baptized on the 11th of Feb--- then G. responded--- I already have received my answer that this church is true and I don't want to wait that long to be baptized!
So-- because they were prepared to be baptized sooner- we set yesterday as the day for them to be baptized!
We went back to their house on Saturday and talked to them about the interview with the zone leaders and explained more about that-- then we ate the yummiest bread, homemade jelly, and homemade juice from the fresh cherries on the tree in their yard!! Soooo fun to talk to them and the food was soooo good!
Then, C. took us to the market just because she is soooo kind! I tried to refuse politely the food and trip to the market, but G. insisted and said that they were so grateful for us for bringing them the joy of the gospel that he will never let another missionary pass by without offering to serve them! Soooo sweet!!!
Then, we went and cleaned the baptismal font and C. and D. came with us---- Sister Santana cleaned the font and talked to C. about the church--- and I kept little D. occupied by practicing counting in Portuguese and letting him help me pretend to clean the church- he and i made a cute handshake together! He knows more Portuguese than I do and hes only 3!!! He's got an awesome bowl cut hairdo- like Kade and Zach in the late 90's.... hahaha now little D. keeps kissing my hands! We are besties already--- haha reminds me and makes me miss my little Ace and Krewser!

Then on Sunday we got to the church early-- and the Elders came and did the interviews with G. and C.--- I helped get D. into primary and we sat with him until he was okay to stay in class by himself-- super cute!
Then we went to the rest of our meetings- Sister Penni- I LOVE HER- and Sister Sadleir- who was with Sister Santana when they found these people- were able to come and watch the baptism as well.

Then we had the baptism and the ward was super helpful and welcoming! It was soooo special!!!!

Then G., C., and D. had us over for lunch and it was soooo good! G. loves to eat and I tried so many new things!!! I now love cucumbers with lime, special fruit like avocado and lots of other things!! 

 I felt amazing when I saw them both come out of the water!! The smiles on their faces and that joy made all of the hard days worth it!!!! And, I know that baptism is only the beginning! They have already asked a bunch of questions about the temple and I'm so excited teach them about it! MY HEART IS SOOOOO FULL!


Tonight we are taking G. and his family to FHE at the bishop's house and I am soooo excited!!!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your blessed experience. It is deeply moving to witness your work to serve others and share the word with them. ❤