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Mission Week 11: February 13, 2017

February 13, 2017

Hey folks!!!
This week was another good week-- pretty easy going!
On Monday night we went to FHE at the bishop's house and he and his family invited a few of the really cool, younger families to join us, so that our new converts can keep meeting people who are about the same age with the same age of kids. It was great! The bishop shared a simple message, and G., our new convert shared his testimony with everyone there about how the gospel has already changed the life of his family!! It was so beautiful and so powerful! My heart was about to explode with happiness and gratitude to Heavenly Father! It was so special! Then afterwards, we had a little bbq at the bishop's house.... my comp and the Sunday School president tried to get me to eat some strange looking meats... and I was about to do it until one of the sweet young women told me that it was chicken hearts and cow stomach! I am so glad I got out of that one! hahaha
Then on Tuesday we had our combined Zone Conference with my new zone and the Londrina Zona that I was in before- it was fun to see Sisters Penni, Sadleir, D. Nascimento, Wantanabe, Ferguson, and many others!! We all went to lunch at a little buffet place and Presidente let me ride shotgun and be the DJ in his car while he was driving! haha I got to choose between a Jenny Phillips song and another Jenny Phillips song! It was so fun! 
After lunch, we were split up into groups to practice teaching like Christ did- it was super good experience, and I was paired up to teach with my Zone Leader, Elder Ostlund - and really helped me understand the vocabulary for the lesson we were teaching. THE SPIRIT WAS SO STRONG and I felt really good when I shared my testimony in Portuguese! 

At the end of the conference, Presidente was up on the stand and asked me and a few other missionaries to come up and share our testimonies--- I was shaking like a leaf, but I managed to share a brief testimony in front of everyone... it was super scary but i was grateful for the experience. Then, we had Sister Pereira's famous chocolate cake and ice cream!
Friday night- We went to the RS barbecue and took our new convert C. with us! It was fun to talk to the ladies- I love the older women in this ward- I always ask them about them and their kids and then they talk my ear off as if I understand everything they are saying! hahaha It's fun-- I understand a good amount but when I don't, I just smile, put my hand on their shoulder, and fake laugh- its hilarious and they love it! hahaha I always compliment them about random things! hahaha
We played some games together and socialized! It was in an awesome backyard- the lady who hosted it has an awesome backyard kitchen! It was a fun night and I was happy that C. is feeling more comfortable with the sisters in the ward.
Sunday- C. and G. were confirmed members of the church and received the Holy Ghost! It was soooooo wonderful! They are so excited to meet with us the week with some other members to learn more about the church and they are especially excited to learn more about the temple! They are literally sooooo golden and I am extremely grateful!!! I can't wait to teach them more this week!!! Heavenly Father is so aware of us and what we need!!!
Thank you for all of the support and love!


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