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Mission Week 13: February 27, 2017

February 27, 2017


Penni arrived on Monday night and we both were screaming!!!! Sooooo much excitement!! We talked and talked and got our bedroom all ready to go---it was soooo fun and we were already laughing from the minute she came into our house in Leonor!

ON Tuesday-- WE GOT RIGHT TO WORK---- We needed to organize the area book and make a game plan so we found a map of the area and went out to work.

It was super hot!! Over 100 degrees- but we were laughing, I was dancing, and we were talking to everyone--- our goal as a companionship is to Fale Com Todo Mundo-- to talk to everyone we see! Also, to really help strengthen this ward in Leonor. These members really want to do missionary work!

Anyways- on Tuesday we found lots of people to talk to--- We were walking down the street and saw an older looking couple outside- J. and M. and they immediately let us in to share a message with them. Those two are wild and M. sang acapella for us! hahaha Super random and funny- we taught them the Restoration and invited them to pray about it to know if it is true- the accepted our invitation and told us that right when they saw us walking up the street with smiles on our faces that they would accept our message- They said they both could see that we were messengers of the Lord and had his light with us--- that was pretty special!!
Later that day- we had lunch with J. and E.- daughter and mother who are in the ward-- J.'s husband is not a member but has recently show interest in the church so we made a plan to stop by and get to know him better! We are super excited!

We also saw a lady walking with groceries in her hands and stopped to talk to her--- we were just asking her questions about her family and it turns out that her daughter who has 3 little kids- recently died of cancer- F.- the lady we talked to- cried in the street as we talked about her daughter. We hugged her and asked her if we could share the plan that god has for us with her--- she agreed to let us come back another day. The Spirit was so strong in the street when we were talking to her--- it made me so grateful that we had been following the Spirit and that Heavenly Father prepared F. to be walking home from the market at the perfect time... I am so grateful and excited to teach her a message that will help her feel peace--- Crazy too that both Sister Penni and I have personal stories of family members who we have lost to cancer that we can hopefully use to better understand how F. feels--- (Aunt Linda and Sister Penni's grandma).... Tender Mercies at a difficult time...

Wednesday-- Sister Penni had a leadership meeting with all of the leaders in the mission and Presidente said that he would be happy to have me accompany her! I was so excited to be her wing-sister! The training was awesome- Sister Penni gave an awesome workshop on working with members-- we ate lunch at the president's house with his family.

Thursday and Friday-- we found some more people and taught a few more lessons! We had a zone meeting and learned a lot about finding people with real intent-- Moroni 7! It was awesome! Sis. Penni and I got pizza and ate cake that night! 
We are always laughing in the street and smiling all day!! We are seriously best friends and talk about everything! I am so lucky to be learning from her!
Saturday was harder to find people- we were rejected a lot but we visited a lady in the ward named D. who has been inactive and she explained that she has been offended by a member of the ward and is very depressed---- we talked to her and I felt the spirit soooo strong--- Sister Penni, D., and I were all emotional as we talked to her about how the atonement can help us heal from any suffering not just the suffering of sin--- Sister Penni and I both opened to the same scripture- Alma 7, 11-13 at the same time- without planning it-- and shared it with D.----the Spirit was undeniable and we invited her to come back to church and that we would be her friends there. We told her that the members of the church are not perfect and never will be, but that God's love for her is perfect and in order to be perfected like Him, we need to take the sacrament each week in church. She agreed to think about coming back but didn't commit---- but it was such a special moment! TENDER MERCY!
After we went over to the house of R.- another less active member- friend of D.- who was another name the RS president had given to us--- R.'s husband is not a member- they have 4 of the CUTEST kids and they live in a very humble living situation--- nicest people- R. is super sassy and funny- she has doubts about eternal marriage and agreed to let us return the next day, SUNDAY, to have Family Home Evening with her family and share the Proclamation to the World.

Sunday--- we had church and got to know the members even more---- the Relief Society sisters apparently had heard me and Sister Penni singing and asked if we would perform a duet in front of the whole ward!!!! hahaha We thought they were kidding--- but now we are gonna prepare a musical number and perform it!! Oh my.... soooo not my thing... and my voice is not good, but I like to sing... so hopefully it goes okay.... we might be singing in Portuguese which is also gonna be interesting... Sister Penni has a great voice and is a concert pianist--- she is soooo talented, so maybe she can teach me how to sing... lol... I will keep you guys posted on that--- you know me.... i am freaking out.... but I told myself I would never say no to the WE GO...
Sunday night, we went back to R.'s house and shared the Proclamation with her family- including her husband--- D. was there also and so was another good family from the ward--- the Spirit was strong and it was so special. The kids were so cute and we had lots of treats after.. They shared testimonies of the importance of families-- and R.'s husband said that we could come back anytime!


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