Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Mission Week 14: March 6, 2017

March 6, 2017

This week was a bit different than normal! hahaha
So it might be a little confusing for you guys this week but I will try to explain as much as I can...
On Thursday-- Presidente and Sister Pereira called Penni and I and told us that they needed our help to plan a sisters conference for every sister in the mission for this upcoming Tuesday (tomorrow)!!! hahaha We are super excited but a little overwhelmed at how little time we had to plan everything---- so on Thursday afternoon, Penni and I went to the mission office in the centro and met with Presidente and Sister Pereira----

I didn't expect to be invited to sit in on the meeting with them because I am not a sister training leader like Sister Penni is- and usually when she meets with him, I just want out in the office with the office Elders-- but Presidente said that he wanted to get my input on everything as well and so I came in and started helping too! That was fun! I felt special- maybe that's why he invited me to help plan it... either way.. I was happy to be included!

I asked if maybe we could give a handout to all of the sisters- (42 in the mission) and Presidente said that he would love it if we could make something for the sisters------ also Penni is going to be speaking on not just being a young woman on a mission but being a daughter of God called to serve him--- I am super excited!
So this whole weekend- Penni and I have been with Sister Pereira in the office working on PowerPoint, handouts, and coordinating the travel plans for all of the sisters.. its been a lot of work but its been a blast!!! The sisters will all arrive this afternoon!!!!

And Presidente asked me to spend time this week with his wife teaching her English and translating for her as she is finishing planning their daughters wedding-- Sister Pereira will travel later this month to the states for her daughters wedding and wants to be able to communicate with the grooms American family... I am excited for this!!!

Sister Penni has to do divisions with other sisters all week- and I will probably do that as well--- I think she will do splits with Sister Ferguson and her companion and so I might get to spend a day working the streets with Sister Ferguson!!!! haha and then Sister Penni and I will go back to work as normal----
I have loved spending this week preparing and planning this sister's conference! It has been sooooo fun and a good break for my feet! TENDER MERCY!

Right now with teaching, we haven't had many people because we haven't been in our area very long and this week we worked in the office all week-- but we are helping to activate lots of families and trying to have family nights with part member families! We have a great ward and are hoping to make a difference there! One lady we visited that I talked about last week- D. was inactive but now after we visited her has been at church these last two weeks!! The bishop is soooo grateful! I am learning lots and am so grateful to the lord for all of the tender mercies he has shown me!!! My testimony is growing more and more everyday and I am so lucky to be here doing this right now!
Thank you guys for always being supportive!!! I will write more next week!! LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH!

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