Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Mission Week 25: May 22, 2017

May 22, 2017

THIS WEEK- this week was rough... the rain really slowed us down! My companion was so happy to receive the package you guys sent with all of the American goodies!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! EVERYONE AT OUR ZONE MEETING SAW THAT SHE GOT A PACKAGE FROM MY FAMILY! HAHA IT WAS REALLY FUNNY- I didn't receive a package, but lots of letters and so they were like so confused..but so jealous-- they call mom, "the only mom who didn't forget"- that is moms nickname in our mission! haha Because when I first got in the mission and was receiving so much mail, everyone told me that in a few months down the road, everyone sending mail would forget about me and I would receive less and less....but after 6 months, I AM STILL RECEIVING SO MUCH MAIL AND SO ARE MY COMPANIONS (FROM MY FAMILY) HAHAHA MOM HAS AN AWESOME REP IN MY MISSION! HAHA I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!

My companion was beyond thrilled!

The Webb's sent her a card too! Bro. Webb wrote to my comp in Portuguese and Sis. Webb sent those GLOW IN THE DARK STARS TO HER!!! SOOOOO CUTE!! MY HEART IS SO GRATEFUL!

This week we had an awesome lesson with N.-- our long time investigator-- I invited two awesome elders-- zone leaders-- to come and teach her-- they both taught her in the past and she loved them--- I had talked to her the night before and we discussed her upcoming medical appointment and she explained her nervous feelings about it--- and I asked if maybe she would like receive a priesthood blessing. She happily accepted and we brought the elders to teach and give her a blessing! The Spirit was incredibly strong and I gained an even stronger testimony of the priesthood!! N. after 6 months of going to church and having 6 sets of missionaries in her house, went to be interviewed for baptism! She said that for the first time- she felt Christ's love when my companion and I taught her! SUCH A MIRACLE!! She went to the interview and our district leader said that it was one of the best interviews hes ever had-- she is incredibly prepared--- she still has many things to resolve with her health, and so, we are hoping she will accept to be baptized in the next few weeks! We will see.... she still feels like she needs more we have to start working with other people and leave her to decide for awhile...but I am hopeful! I love her so much!
This week we are working on getting the awesome youth in our ward involved in the work! we will do divisions this week with some cute young women who are recent converts!  we will teach them how to do door contacts and more about the temple-- they will divide with us and find people to take to church this week! they are precious and soooo excited!! we are hoping to get all of the youth to bring their friends to church!! we have lots of ideas!! trying to help them do missionary work and prepare to become missionaries themselves! i am so excited!!

Yesterday was Stake Conference and we took a bus provided from the church with the members to the chapel in Londrina! President and his wife spoke about missionary work and the temple president from the Curitiba temple was there to speak about missionary work beyond the veil! It was great! 

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