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Mission Week 29: June 19, 2017

June 19, 2017


I AM SOOOOO NERVOUS... I was hoping to stay in the State of Paraná...but nope... I will go to Bauru...I told the Lord in my prayers that I would do whatever He wanted me to do.... I am nervous about having an american companion because it is so easy to speak in English..and I want to keep progressing in Portuguese....I dont feel ready for this at all...hahaha but I know that Heavenly Father knows of my abilities and is ready to put me up to another challenge! 
The elders in my zone told us on Friday that we should plan on being transferred...lots of anticipation, but gave us time to update our area book and visit members and investigators for the last time here in cambe....

Before I get too ahead of myself---- P-day de Zona was sooooo fun! We had a blast playing soccer and card games as a zone! I seriously have loved my time in Tiradentes!!! I will be sad to leave so of my best friends but am trying to have faith that all will work out in Sao Paulo as well! 

Tuesday was a super hard day for me! Members were calling wanting to tell me that Kade was arriving=== they are fb friends will you guys and they showed me some pictures of him arriving...my heart was so happy to see everyone happy, but it was also hard to see! I WANT TO BE HUGGING MY TWIN RIGHT NOW!" HAHAHA BUT I FELT EVEN MORE MOTIVATED TO FINISH THIS WEEK OUT IN CAMBE SUPER WELL! OUR NUMBERS AND LESSONS THIS WEEK WERE GREAT! I FELT REALLY HAPPY ABOUT HOW WE FINISHED OUR TIME HERE IN CAMBE.


I gave the BYU shirts to I. and J.--- she cried and their kids were emotional when I told them that it is possible that I would be transferred...they will take us into Londrina today with all of our stuff...I will miss them and soooo many other people here in Cambe!!!!! My heart hurts!!! J. & I. loved the shirts and were asking lots of questions about BYU--- they want their daughter to go there to study someday--- they have always wanted to visit the US.
This week we brought E. and N. to church! They are both 12 years old and are friends...they are always in the street and are soooo great! They both come from really difficult homes and we have taught both of them with their families... they are the only two investigators within their families who are progressing right now. They are still young and keep promises to go to church, etc. they were soooo cute and begged us not to leave them...we will stay in touch on emails and are sending the new missionaries who will come to Cambe to visit them. They always run in the streets when they see us and yell, "tia! tia!" Its sooo cute and I will miss them soooo much! 

J., L. & F.---- L and F. have been my long term investigators in Cambe- they want to be baptized but have problems with some commitments--- their daughter J. is a member and served a mission but now has gone inactive. I love this family and was so happy to visit them for the last time last night! I told L. that I will see his baptism before I leave the country next May! haha he agreed to call me when it happens!!! I will keep reaching out to J. to try to help her... I will miss them dearly!

I also said goodbye to N.--- my other long term investigator... she was emotional and so was I... she promised that I will see her baptism as well!!! Fingers crossed!! I bought a baby blanket from her to remind me of her! Love her!

G.-- cute girl in the pictures--- granddaughter of a member-- 11 years old!! She cried when we told her that we might not stay! I love her to pieces and will write to her while I am away! She is precious!
This week there was a big service day at the big grocery store in Cambe---- we were invited to participate with our ward and community to help separate donated clothes for people in need! It was so fun! We even took a picture with the governor of Cambe! We had a great day serving!! Look it up on youtube--- dia do bondade em cambe- brasil-- muffato...mãos que ajudam... it was such a great day!
THIS WEEK- I had a really cool experience in Cambe--- we have a central part of the city where there are shops and more people and we ran into a Bolivian man named S.-- he was selling bracelets and things from Bolivia on a little cart and I had to stop and buy from him! He was sooo cool and he and I spoke Portuguese and Spanish to each other! I got his address to pass to missionaries where he lives and we talked about some of the differences between the culture in Bolivia and Brasil! It was sooooo cool and we took lots of pics with him! Then he introduced us to his Turkish friend M.-- who lives in Brasil now with his wife who he met on the internet-- but he only speaks Turkish and English-- so he and S. communicate as best as they can... they are good friends and M. told me that he met S. in the street and that S. was the first person in Brazil to have enough patience to try to speak to him even with the language barrier. SO SWEET! We taught M. a lesson on a park bench in English and got his address to send missionaries to his house as well! 

Before we started teaching him, he mentioned that he wanted to go buy a beer, but I told him that I wanted to teach him first... we talked about his beliefs about god and Allah- and I taught him about the Godhead... after we talked he left to buy his beer... I didn't think much of it, but when he returned, he came back with treats and juice for me, Sister Ferreira, S., and him-- he told me that he felt like drinking a beer after talking to me wasn't the best choice! haha made me happy!!! 

I am loving the exposure to different cultures, people, backgrounds, religions! It is so cool! I was speaking in 3 languages! haha it was so great!

I went into a big Catholic church to visit this week! It was different but super interesting! haha good times!

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