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Mission Week 34: July 24, 2017

July 24, 2017

Rosivani & Val

This week was much better- I am feeling better and Sister Pereira has been calling all week to check on me. I told her that I am better and still working hard, she was just nervous that I would get worse- But, I am doing much better and we worked hard this week!

This week, we taught lots of new people. We had asked our bishop a few weeks back for a list of part member families. We felt strongly, after much prayer and fasting, that in this area- knocking doors would not be worth our time, but that working with members, menos ativos, and part member families would be the better route. WORKING WITH MEMBERS IS ALWAYS THE BEST ROUTE! 

We received a great list of people to try to contact from our bishop and this week we really got started. I feel sad because we only have one more week to work before the transfer ends and so we were getting started on this list really late in the transfer, but we were excited and went right out to find these people.

We were able to locate a find some great families who are members or less actives who have kids and other relatives who are not members. We had some great lessons with a few of them and felt confident that they would come to church this week. Unfortunately- none of these people came to church... we were disappointed, but still feel like we need to go back and teach more this upcoming week. 

This week, Sister Bott and I were talking a lot about what is a successful mission- what is success to each of us. Here in Brazil, in our mission especially- we are feeling very pressured to baptize. There is soooo much pressure that I sometimes feel like I could scream! We are constantly given goals and goals and more goals to get people in the water, and it is stressful. I want to baptize. I haven't baptized since i was in Leonor... I know that helping people to make their baptismal covenant with the Lord is a huge part of my purpose as a full time missionary, but I get frustrated with others  when they say that they are not happy because they are not baptizing. 


This week- Sister Bott and I went to visit one of the names on our list. We didn't know the member (inactive), but we went to their house. When we got there, I knocked and an older lady came out. I asked her if she knew a "Hermes O." and she told me that he was her husband, but had died 5 years earlier!!! She explained that he was a member of the church but that she wasn't. She didn't want to let us in, but I felt prompted to tell her that we wanted to visit her.

She tried to send us away, and I started to turn away- when she called me back and let us in. We stayed and talked to this widow (R.) for over an hour! She started out cold, and then ended up hugging us, kissing our faces, and praying with us. She has lots of interesting thoughts with regards to religion- but she warmed up and was such a sweet lady. She has gone through a lot and has so much faith. 

I am not sure if she will join the church....but my heart was at peace knowing that whatever happens, Heavenly Father sent us there for a reason to remind her that she is not alone. She ended up commenting to us before we left, "Eu me-sinto que Deus mandou vocês aqui pra me-ajudar. Eu sei que Ele não me-esqueceu." (I feel that God sent you to me to help me. I know that He didn't forget me.)

I have lots of other stories like that from our week this week!

I was feeling very stressed about not having any baptisms to show from a ton of hard work this transfer, but then I was at peace in my heart this week- knowing that Heavenly Father sees ALL! Even our smallest efforts to strengthen another is an effort worth taken! 

I am a successful missionary, as stated in preach my gospel page 10, if I am feeling the spirit testify to people through me, I love the people and desire their salvation, and if I obey with exactness.

"The only person who determines the limit of your success is you" -Elder Ballard

"Of all the things you could do to show love for Jesus Christ, there is nothing greater or more important than to report that we TRIED to bring souls unto Him. "- Elder Ballard

I can honestly report, that I am TRYING to baptize, I am trying to love, and am trying to do my best!

I am so grateful for this work and for the opportunity that I have to grow and to serve as a servant of the Lord. He lives; He loves each and everyone one of His children. I AM SO HAPPY- MY HEART COULD EXPLODE!

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