Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Mission Week 32: July 10, 2017

July 10, 2017

This week was a wild one for me....

My fourth of July was wild--- we had a district meeting and sang the national anthem... in ugly voices...hahaha and the awesome elders from my district came and did divisions in my area to help us find more people to teach! 

Sister Bott and I booked another baptism with D. and then we went and ate Açai which is a delicious sorbet and ice cream with lots of toppings!! YUM!

Sister Bott and I are planning our official fourth of July celebration for this Friday-- we are going to dress up fancy, make our table in our house up with the fourth of July table settings you sent, and take lots of pictures as we order pizza and expensive grape juice to eat and celebrate!!! We are excited!!!
Soo... we had D. marked for this last Saturday-- two days ago...but we marked his date on Tuesday and on Thursday we went to his house with our bishop to teach him and follow up with him and he said that he didn't feel ready to be baptized yet...

He had already been baptized in a different church-- our bishop is a convert (a lot of time as a member already but a convert) and actually was a member of the same church that D. is apart of, so he was able to share his testimony and connect with D. on a special level. It was soooo powerful to teach this investigator with our bishop. I felt the spirit so strongly as our bishop testified of the gospel of Jesus Christ in the name of Jesus Christ. I could tell that D. was feeling it too, but by the end of the lesson, he was still saying that he didn't think he was ready to be baptized just yet.

We got him to agree to go to the interview on Saturday night and to pray to know if it was time to be baptized yet. 

Then we waited at the chapel...and fasted, and prayed, and called him... and he didn't show up for his interview.... my heart was sad. I know that he is ready and that we have taught him everything and have worked hard to teach him with members and to TESTIFY with power....but my heart was comforted as I remember the wonderful, sometimes frustrating, gift of Livre Arbítrio...(free agency). 

Yesterday, I wasn't expecting to see D. at church, but he came!!! He will be traveling this week, but still wants to come to church and learn as much as he can. I am happy and at peace to know that he is showing real intent and that he will be feeling more prepared and with less doubt soon!!!

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